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Archive | March, 2012

Who Was Gareth Williams?

Who was Gareth Williams? On Tuesday 24 August, a storm was brewing off the North Wales coast. As gusts reached 50mph in the village of Valley, on Anglesey, two sodden police officers stood at a front door on a close of modern bungalows above the beach. They knocked and knocked. Eventually someone ran out into the […]

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The Plot to Bring Back Benazir

Ever since the twin towers crumpled, the Pentagon smouldered and Flight 93 ploughed into a field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, one figure has become a mainstay in the war on terror: General Pervez Musharraf. With his convivial, British public school manner, western suits and blow-dried flick, the President of Pakistan, has since September 11, 2001 circumnavigated […]

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Poaching for Bin Laden

Beaming houseboys bear trays of bed-tea, the politest way of getting someone up at the rudest of hours. It is so far from morning that the cooks in the roadside dhabas along India’s National Highway 37 are asleep in their kitchens and no one has got round to firing up the tandoors. From Goalpara in […]

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Ei8ht – Interview with Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark talk to E18HT about Burmese generals, jade, Gestapo archives and the boundaries between work and home EI8HT: You have reported from Burmese jade mines, from Russian archives, from Calcutta’s busiest railway station. What would you say unites the stories you choose to work on? Adrian Levy: Getting beneath […]

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Guardian Weekend – The Amber Fascade

The event was so extraordinary that Pravda anatomized it minute by minute, with an Internet broadcast: ‘May 31, 2003, 15.30 hours: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroder arrive at the Catherine Palace, outside St Petersburg and ascend the Monighetti Staircase.’ Following the Russian President and German Chancellor up the stairs (that according to the Russian authorities […]

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Guardian Weekend – He Won Russia Lost

Cutting through the ice-crystal air, a warning bell tolls and the drillmaster hollers, his body swaddled in wool, fleece and fur to protect him from temperatures that have slumped to minus 40°C. ‘Re-engage,’ he shouts into the dead calm of the frozen Siberian tundra as five members of the oil rig crew, wrestling with grappling […]

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Guardian Weekend – One Huge US Jail

The Taliban doused Kabul in a grim monasticism but the capital of Afghanistan is today a chaotic mulch of prospectors and carpetbaggers. The city clinks with foreign bidders vying for billions of dollars of telecoms, irrigation and construction contracts, sparking a property boom that has forced rental prices to match those in London, Tokyo or […]

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Guardian Weekend – Under the Influence

Britain is sick. At least four nights in 10 we are out of it. Suspicious of the abstemious and jealous of other people’s hangovers, we are a nation of caners forever seeking ways to escape the pressures of consciousness. For more than a decade it was pills and capsules that took our minds off the […]

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Guardian Weekend – It Happened Again

In a Belgian suburb, as crisp and tidy as cotton sheets, Marc Dutroux built a dungeon. Fastidiously constructed in the basement of an unexceptional home in the winter of 1994 it was a little more than two metres long and a little less than a metre wide. The unemployed electrician calculated that by laminating the […]

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Guardian Weekend – Why Molly Ran

Heartbreak can be a palpable thing. It made Louise Campbell shake uncontrollably. Slurring and weeping, her eyes made lazy by sedatives, Campbell was so devastated that she only just managed to explain that her 12-year-old daughter, Molly, was the cause of it. Her ‘loveable little girl’ had last been seen two days earlier on August […]

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