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Review: Chinese Murder Mystery

The case of Neil Heywood, Gu Kailai and Bo Xilai seen through British eyes:


Metropolitan police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe shows up at the US embassy in London in a right old state. His boss, London mayor Boris Johnson, is going to kill him, he says, and he’d like to defect to the US please. The reason Boris is going to kill him is that Bernard knows that Boris’s wife – with whom Bernard became friendly when she was the target of mercury poisoning administered via her herbal supplement pills – is herself a murderer. Bernard says she killed a Chinese family friend (sort of) who was trying to extort money from them. His body was found in a Premier Inn close to the M25.

Mrs Johnson is arrested. Her trial lasts a day, there is very little evidence against her (the body of the Chinese sort of friend was cremated quickly after his death), the evidence the prosecution claims to have isn’t shown in court, but she is convicted anyway and receives a suspended death sentence. Bernard doesn’t get his political asylum and is sent to prison himself. Boris, who was seen as going right to the very top in the next government, is under investigation too and is finished politically. Nothing is clear, except that there is the deepest corruption at the highest levels of the British politics.

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