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Deception Documents


1979 French diplomats in Pakistan beaten as they try to discover truth about nuclear programme
1979 Pakistan nuclear plans are clear to the US
1979 US cintelligence community certain of Pak nuclear weapons programme
1980 Carter readies to do a u-turn on Pakistan
1980 Carter tweaks his Pakistan package and encourages foreign donors to assist it
1980 Carter’s officials try to save the Pakistan aid plan, marking first u-turn on the Islamic Republic
1980 State Department articulates the new Presidential view on Pakistan
1980 The Carter strategy to dump non proliferation as absolute goal builds
1980 US intel estimates show Pakistan marching towards a bomb
1981 Israel airs all available information on Pakistan bomb at the UN
1981 One month in the White House and the Reagan administration rehearses its argument on u-turn with Pakistan
1981 Reagan admin frames its argument in support of Pak playing down its bomb
1981 Reagan prepares case to support a nuclear bound Pak assuring the world they will not sell on their technology to third parties
1981 Reagan White House lobbies the Hill to get a change of policy on Pak through
1981 the Reagan strategy on aiding Pakistan is aired through US embassies
1981 US lies to Israel about the Pakistan programme in an attempt to defuse rising anger
1983 China’s role in the Pak programme exposed but then hushed up by White House
1983 unambiguous evidence that Pak has WMD programme
1984 India wise to Pakistan bomb but Zia denies it
1984 Secretary of State prepares to privately comfort Pakistan after publicly berating it
1984 State Department fends off Senate’s attempts to expose Pak nuclear programme
1985 US sends senior White House officials to prevent a nuclear stand off in South Asia but denis it in the press briefing
1986 Reagan administration prepares to enlist new Pak PM into playing down the nuclear programme
1986 Reagan briefed on how to appeal to the new Pak PM while playing down his WMD programme
1986 Reagan knows Pak has assembled and tested its device and still prevaricates dissembling to Congress
1987 Pak admits it has a bomb and Reagan still denies it
1987 Reagan explains why in the face of evidence that Pakistan was procuring WMD technology in the US it still cont. to fund Pak
1987 Reagan once again denies Pak has a bomb even though he has known since 1982 that they have one
1988 German’s investigate nuclear trade lapses
1988 Oakley warns Washington that nuclear now a political issue in Pak
1988 State Dept still telling everyone the proliferation policy working
1988 US tries to assuage India in the face of its defense of nuclear Pakistan
1989 German companies highlighted that were building Pak programme
1989 German companies revealed as complicit in building the Pak programme
1989 German double-dealing on Pakistan emerges
1989 White House denies Pak is enriching when it knew it was
Defense officials warn that Barlow got the shaft
1990 Wolfowitz’s people at the Pentagon advised that Barlow should be reinstated
Pentagon clears Barlow in 1990
Pentagon gives Barlow his security clearances back
Wolfowitz’s military assistant Admiral John Scott Redd refuses to reinstate barlow
Route slips show that despite being cleared Wolfowitz’s staff blocked Barlow’s re-employment
1993 IG Sherman Funk finds his report cleasring Barlow has been rewritten
1995 Former Inspector General for Defense stands by Barlow
Wolfowitz in 2001 confesses Pakistan policy was house of cards

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