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The Amber Room


The history of art has produced few works as ambitious as the Amber Room, an audience hall clad in amber mosaics.

Commissioned in 1701 by the Prussian court, the ingenuity of its design and construction enshrined the Age of Reason. And when it was packed up and gifted to the Russian empire in 1717 visitors feted it as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, Hitler’s art thieves laid claim to the Amber Room as a showpiece for the Third Reich, worth $250 million. Then it disappeared from view, never to be seen again. Or did it? In hitherto unseen diaries, letters and reports has been concealed the truth about what really happened to the most valuable lost artwork in the world.”






Revelatory and startling book solves definitively a fifty-year mystery.


The history of art has produced few works as ambitious and as valuable as the Amber Room.


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