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Siege intro


On 26 November 2008, Islamists from Pakistan, armed with explosives and machine guns, sailed into Mumbai under cover of darkness, and stormed the Taj.

For three days, guests and staff in the hotel were trapped as terrorists ran amok. Elite commandos finally fought back in Operation Black Tornado. The world held its breath.

The Siege is a helter skelter thriller, by turns tragic and life affirming. Acclaimed investigative reporters Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy piece together the events hour-by-hour, through a cast of real characters thrown together in the luxurious century old Taj: waiters, captains of industry, tourists, Special Forces.

This unputdownable book is threaded with powerful human stories, from the British couple leaping from the third floor, to the young coffee shop manager who risked all to save 50 guests. It also traces the stories of the extremists behind the attack – including an American double agent – and listens in as they talk to their handlers back home.

For the first time, The Siege takes us through the news footage and into the heart of the hotel. Heroes are made, but lives are squandered.

Run, hide, fight. What would you have done?



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